Crida a la participació a la Debian Women MiniDebConf 2014 Barcelona

A partir de la petició de difusió feta a la llista d’usuaris de debian en català faig aquest apunt al bloc per comunicar que els dies 15 i 16 de març se celebrarà a Barcelona, promogut per Debian Women, la MiniDebConf-Women 2014. Dues jornades de conferències obertes a tothom però exclusivament amb ponents que s’identifiquen amb el sexe femení. L’objectiu d’aquesta exclusivitat és doble, d’una banda difondre Debian i la seua filosofia, i d’altra la promoció de les persones que s’identifiquen amb el sexe femení a la comunitat Debian (i per extensió a les comunitats de programari lliure).


És per això que reproduïsc (en anglès, com l’original) la crida a la participació feta al wiki del projecte Debian Women, amb la intenció que ho feu córrer i en feu la màxima difusió:

 MiniDebConf 2014 Barcelona Call for Proposals

Debian Women is proud to announce that it will hold a MiniDebConf
in Barcelona on 15-16 March 2014, where Debian enthusiasts from
far and wide will gather to talk about the latest Debian changes
and the Debian community, as well as to meet new and old friends.

We want to have a MiniDebConf with both talks and social events,
to which everyone in Debian is invited but where the speakers in
the talks are all people who identify themselves as female. We
consider this important to:

 * Encourage women who haven't yet given their first DebConf talk
 * Provide role models for women who are interested in contributing
 * Debunk the myth that there are not enough women who can give 
   talks in DebConf

The idea behind the conference is not to talk about women in free
software, or women in Debian, but rather to make discussion about
Debian subjects more inclusive for women. If you agree with this
goal, spread the word. Forward this call for potential speakers
and help us make this event a great success!

Debian Women invites submissions of proposals for papers,
presentations, discussion sessions and tutorials for the
event. Submissions are not limited to traditional talks: you
could propose a performance, an art installation, a debate or
anything else. All talks are welcome, whether newbie or very
advanced level. Regular sessions will be 45 minutes long,
including time for questions, with a 15 minute break between

If you have one or more proposals, please send it to  Don't forget to include
in your message: your name or nick, the title of the event,
description, language, and any other information that might
be useful. We will try to get some sponsorship to help with
speakers' travel expenses.

Please submit your proposal(s) before the 31st of January so that
we can start the evaluation process and build the conference
program. We might continue to receive proposals after date if
there is still free space in the schedule.

We hope to see you in Barcelona!

For more information, visit


Ara només cal que m’ho puga muntar per poder venir… que no ho tinc gens clar 😦

Arxivat a Debian, Programari lliure, societat 2.0

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